Spring Qi is Coming!

Spring is on the way and winter is getting further behind, even though here in Wasilla, Alaska it snowed a light blanket of white today.  It will melt soon, the puddles will be out, mud season will be upon us, and the energy from the trees, bushes, grass, and all other life is moving from deep within the earth, waking up to share its beauty with us.

Our March Tai Chi Intensive Four Flowers was excellent and those who participated deepened there understanding of the Master Gear, either creating their own form, or getting detailed understanding of how the transitions within the form work together through joint mobility, structure and body alignment.

Here is the March Newsletter.  This is a project in its infancy, so if you have any ideas, please do share them with me.  I would appreciate any feedback as well.

I’ve discovered a new hobby.  Combining photography, videography, Taijiquan, and Qigong.  I could go outside everyday and do it all, but to combine them I find is the best of all worlds.  Here is my most recent nature walk to Knik River just outside of Palmer, Alaska, April 1, 2011.  Thanks to my awesome husband Daniel, he also photographed me from a distance, which provides a different angel I cannot take myself.

This panorama was taken on my iPhone with Panorama 360.  If you have an iPhone and haven’t discovered this app, it is worth checking out!

Also check out my Spring Qigong video of Ba Duan Gin (also known as Eight Brocades).


About Alaska Mona Lisa

I acknowledge ALL of me... The LITTLE GIRL inside The WOMAN who desires The MOTHER who kisses and hugs The SISTER who accepts The LOVER who affirms The FRIEND who plays The CHILD who dreams.
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