Welcome to Moongate Healing Tao

The Taoist garden develops the quiet intimacy intended to reflect heaven on earth.  The pathway within the garden meanders.  Within this Taoist garden, moon gates also known as moon doors, are made into circles, like the rising moon, seeming to rise directly out of the ground.  They provide a smooth and flowing progression from one scene of the garden to the next.  Some moon gates have steps when the ground is uneven, allowing the person to pause, preparing to exit one landscape and enter another.  Deep moon doors such as Zhuo Zheng Yuan allow a person to linger on the threshold of exiting one landscape and entering a new one.  The element of surprise and illumination through a moon gate reveals hidden gems beyond ones initial view.  Garden designers believe the moon gate emulates the creation of nature.

The moon gate provides a powerful symbol of  the transitions that humans experience.  We are ever transitioning through life, relationships, jobs, and learning about life daily.  MoonGate Healing Tao embraces this powerful symbol of transition.  Through these transitions the MoonGate represents balanced emotions, appreciating nature, gentle actions, healthy relationships, flexible responses, serene consciousness, divine awareness, and natural growth.

Walk through our MoonGate and enter into an energetic world of healing. We offer private, group and corporate classes, and will travel within Alaska. We gently and progressively move students of all ages and abilities from beginning to advance studies of Taijiquan, qigong and meditation. We teach Yang Style Long and Short Form, Qigong, Four Flowers, Taiji Walking, Push Hands, Standing and sitting meditations, and Healing Tao.

You’ll find your Taiji Family here.

Welcome !


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